We’re each unique in God’s eyes, and the best part about it is we don’t have to try to be like anybody else or put on a front to be who God wants us to be. Truth is, we can learn from each other So, use these platforms to share your story. Share what you’ve been reading. Share encouragement. Share prayer requests. Share good things. Share your growing moments. Share your questions. These accounts belong to US. SO, LET’S GROW TOGETHER.



4 days ago

Not Your Average Girl

BETH. Girl, you’re PREACHING. ❤️ #LunchTimeChronicles #PayAttentionSaints

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Hey Christians! Are you noticing God?

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Taking a break from the formalities of my weekly studies to study! In the meantime, here is a video full of updates and encouragement! Go to the link in my bio to watch this latest video!

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