Is It Sinful To Eat Certain Foods?

In light of reading through Colossians (you can read all of my study notes HERE), I was lead to share what I've been reading that support the argument Paul makes that Christ is all, and that our faith is based solely on His finished work and not on legalism (tradition), carnality (morality), and philosophy (human knowledge). You may have read in the Bible where it declares certain foods clean and unclean, and the law commands that un...

Be Strong In God’s Grace

In the previous chapter, we read about what perilous times look like in the last days before Christ's return. In going through some of these worst times already, and preparing for what's to come before Christ comes back, what does living as a believer look like? How can we be confident and courageous in life as true followers of Christ during the most evil of times as projected and described in the Bible? The answer is in 2 Timothy 2, and specifically addressed in verses 1-7: Paul says to ...

Godlessness in the Last Days

Next week, we will go back and read chapter 2, which encourages the believer to be strong, but it encourages us to do so in light of what is to come in chapter 3, which is our focus for this week. Verse 2 Timothy 3:1 describes the "perilous times" that are to come in the last days, which are times that will be hard to deal with and difficult to bear. The irony written in this chapter is rather startling because it juxtaposes the hope the young Timothy gave us as believers in 2 Timothy 2. H...

Living Before the World

It's important to read 1 Peter 2 in light of 1 Peter 1 which outlines that as a result of knowing everything that is true of us according to God, by your faith in the Gospel of Christ, and its effect on your identity, we become what 1 Peter 2 says we are.

Go and read 1 Peter 1 before reading 1 Peter 2.


Why I Stopped Focusing On Being Transparent

I've had several of those days friends and I had designated to catch up, and fill each other in on all that our lives encompassed since last seeing each other. The conversations usually go well. We exchange stories that make us smile and frown. Stories that dishearten us and ones that give us great joy. Sometimes, we enjoy the company so much, we lose track of time.

"But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by th...

Our Living Hope

My blog, Not Your Average Girl, was built on the foundation of 1 Peter 2:9. "But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light". However, we can't genuinely quote 1 Peter 2:9 until we know and take hold of everything God says we are outlined in 1 Peter 1. 1 Peter 1 outlines what is true of us as citizens of the Kingdom of God, and not merely as moral Chris...