You’re Already Free…Just Accept Your Freedom!

It's not about what we can prove to Jesus, or what we can do to make things better. God is already satisfied with the finished work of Jesus Christ. He traded His perfection for our sin, died, and rose with all power, conquering sin and death. We're set free! Be FREE! We are no longer a slave to sin. We are no longer who we used to be. We are now the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God. We are His heirs! EMBRACE IT! It's the FREE gift of salvation :)

"There is ther...


We’re More Than Conquerors!

It's not the style of his music, the arrangement of his songs, nor the uniqueness of his voice that caught my attention. It is rather the message behind what he sings that is evident in the lyrics that "draw all men" to the Light (Jesus Christ) that shines in him (John 12:32). Mali Music did a concert at the National Conference that Impact Movement hosted this past December, and I had the privilege of being exposed to the Gospel through his music. I had only heard one song by Mali Music before t...