Think Good Thoughts, People!

Seeing the trending topic #WorstMemoryOf2011 prompted me to turn something intended for negative to be something positive and uplifting. Here was my response:

" #WorstMemoryOf2011 Hmm. I don't think I want to dwell on the negative. We know things happen, but we can't just sit there. #MovingForward "

Life itself can be so discouraging. We know that things don't always happen for us when and how we want them to happen. We're often inconvenience...

Dating: As told by a 13-year-old

I never thought I'd be having the dating conversation with my young cousin so soon, but the funny thing about it was the conversation took a turn for something...unexpected:

" Cousin: Oooooh Lauren! Me: What? Cousin: Like you don't know. Me: I don't. Tell me. Cousin: You know. Me: What do I know? Cousin: You went on a date. Sha...



Just retweeted: "Choose to stand on the Word even when you're being treated badly and wronged by people who know better. It's not God testing you, it's man."

There are so many lost souls in the world today because we (Christians) are lost ourselves. People of the world need to see consistency from Believers. If any man be in Christ, he is a NEW CREATURE. The world is ALWAYS watching us and waiting for us to fall, and when we do, we've proven t...

All We Have To Do Is Plant A Seed…

As I was going back through my old wall posts, I ran across this.

"Little Lauren I have to say I really enjoy your statuses.. they make me smile.. to know its wonderful people out there that are so willing to spread their joy to everyone else makes me think the world isn't so bad after all.. keep it up.. your words can travel far & touch others.. hope all is well.." This REALLY made my day! I didn't want to share this to brag or anything. This was actua...

HE Makes Me Feel Beautiful

Here was the question posed...

"Why do females feel they need acknowledgement from a guy to believe that she is beautiful?"

...Because their content lies in the acknowledgement of men. They're looking for something tangible and instantaneous. I'll admit that I was one of those females. Even though my dad has been in my life ALL my life, I was the one looking to be in relationship after relationship, and I st...

The Attitude of Giving.

"When we're safe and secure, it's easy to forget about God and how much we need Him."

Alright y'all. We know we aren't perfect, and I'll admit, I had a moment the other day. Mind you, all this semester, God had been working with me on submission and consistency. Somehow, all those lessons went out the window. I had immediately lost sight of everything I had previously learned about myself, and I wasn't willing to repent (turn away from my sin...

Love People, Trust God.


That's one of the trending topics on Twitter. As soon as this topic started trending, several people I follow started writing about how much they didn't trust a certain type of girl. I happened to be conversing with one of my followers at that time (just a regular conversation), and eventually, trust came up. This particular person was shocked at how much trust I had for guys. My response was...


The TRUTH Shall Set You Free

Had a good conversation today about operating through the spirit, and when we don't operate through the spirit, we get in the flesh and sin takes place. This conversation brought me back to our reconciliation with God through Christ Jesus, because it doesn't stop at sin and what we can do to make ourselves perfect. We're made new once we've accepted Jesus Christ as our LORD and SAVIOR so that we can be one with God again. I thank God for the blood that was shed by His Son for the remission of...

Speak Life!

"Name calling can be holy or deadly, life-enriching or life-taking. Let's make a commitment to speak God's words over ourselves and all others. Even our enemies.

What words does God use to describe us?

The Bible calls us 'saints' and 'fellow citizens.' We are members 'of the household of God.' God calls us 'priests, disciples, royalty, a chosen generation, the head, special people, children of God, children of light, heirs of God, j...